From Blackboard to Whiteboard: 150 Years of Barby Schools 1865 – 2015 Book

Our latest publication is an A5 book about the history of Barby’s schools, both the Victorian one established in 1865 and the modern one built a hundred years later. From Blackboard to Whiteboard: 150 Years of Barby Schools 1865 – 2015 contains many photos and anecdotes, as well as facts both general and particular to Barby.  It is priced at £6.

Putting Barby in the Frame Book

Also available is Putting Barby in the Frame, an A4 booklet of photographs taken between 1870 and 2011, with many comparative views. It costs £4.


Barby: A Village History DVD

In 2002 we produced a video, Barby: A Village History. This was based on a tour of the village for visitors and included interviews with a range of local people. We now have a DVD version of the video for sale, price £3. 

Putting Barby on the Map Book

Putting Barby on the Map, a booklet published in 2009, focused on half a dozen periods in the history of the village over 230 years, with the story illustrated by maps. In 2010 the publication won the Local History Award given by the Northamptonshire Association for Local History, at a Renaissance Heritage Awards ceremony. This booklet is now out of print, but can be found in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire public libraries.

All available publications can be purchased from our Secretary, Ann Luntley, with p&p about £3.

Also available is a leaflet, The Barby Stroll, describing a self-guided tour of the centre of the village.